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Flowers have been the integral part of Indian tradition and ceremonies. Garlands, rangolies, flower ornaments and flower offerings, no religious ceremony or worship is complete without flowers. Not only are they beautiful, flowers are considered pure, auspicious and gifts from the heaven. The variety of the Indian flowers is very wide and rather less known. We all know just a few popular flowers like Marigold (Genda), Lotus (Kamal), Jasmines, roses etc, but there is a bigger-unexplored array of divine flowers.  Since the range is so vast we plan to do a series and take one or two flowers at a time.

Padma /Kamal /Lotus rather the sacred Lotus, has to be the first flower in this series; it is the God’s favorite flower. Pink, red, white or blue Lotus is sacred to the Indians. Lord Brahma, the creator of this universe, is illustrated atop a Lotus that is believed to have grown out of the naval of Lord Vishnu. Pink Lotus is the throne of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and white Lotus of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. Lord Ganesha holds a Lotus in his hand so does lord Vishnu, it is believed that an offering of hundred blue Lotuses is a great way to win favors of goddess Durga.

Lotus is equally significant in Buddhism as a symbol of purity- it teaches to stay above desire and attachment like the lotus floats clean above the mud. Gautam Buddha is also depicted atop a Lotus. In fact the legend goes that wherever Lord Buddha stepped he left lotuses behind.

The National Flower of India, Lotus is the symbol of purity, beauty and resurrection or rebirth. It grows in dirty water and still remains untainted. At night the lotus folds itself and submerges in the water the next day it blooms back without a spot of dirt, this is associated to rebirth and purity. 


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